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South Hylton Primary Academy

Stage: Primary

Location: Sunderland

Number of pupils: 290

Other provision: Nursery

Values & Ethos

Respect, Support, Enjoy, Achieve

Our school values and celebrates each person by placing learning, enjoyment, achievement and wellbeing at the heart of our community.

Our Aims:

1. To provide children with a happy, healthy, caring, and safe environment in which to grow and learn.

2. To ensure the highest quality teaching, curriculum, nurture and support allows all children to thrive and reach their full potential.

3. To effectively deliver the full breadth of the National Curriculum with emphasis on the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT.

4. To provide rich learning experiences which reflect real life and encourage curiosity, independence and a life long love of learning.

5. To promote an attitude of care, tolerance, trust and respect among our children, within the school and within the local and wider, global community.

6. To develop positive self-image, self-motivation, self-discipline and confidence in all of our children.

7. To secure a purposeful partnership between school, the home and the community.

8. To ensure strong, and approachable leadership which communicates a clear vision to the whole school community.