Thomas Walling 6


Laidlaw Schools Trust is committed to promoting environmental awareness and supporting students to drive change and take positive action in our academies and their local communities.

Two of our primary academies - Atkinson Road and Westgate Hill - have received the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award, celebrating the environmental achievements of young people, and a number of our other schools are working towards it.

Pupils take part in environmental education and action, furthering their curriculum understanding and empowering them to drive change in their school, local community and beyond.

Participating schools benefit from pupil-led action such as litter picks and improved recycling, which not only results in a cleaner school environment but also reduces electricity, paper and plastic usage. Students form eco-committees that meet each term and share information across the academy, increasing environmental awareness both within the school and the wider community.

The Eco-Schools initiative places pupils at the heart of environmental action and supports them in developing the skills to play an active role in protecting our environment throughout their lifetimes.