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Vision and Values

Our vision is to transform the lives of children and communities through inspirational teaching and learning.

We empower children to believe in themselves and to embrace the future as active, responsible and successful global citizens.

Our Mission

We are committed to giving every child the opportunity and support to shine. Whether they want to become a premier league footballer, a world-famous opera singer, an entrepreneur, the first person on Mars or the next Prime Minister, we encourage our pupils to aspire and achieve.

Together, we know that we can do hard things. We can achieve the extraordinary by nurturing the heads, hearts and hands of our pupils - developing minds and building character, so that students achieve practical and life skills as well as academic success.

Our Values

These are the values we live by, in all aspects of our schools. They are shared by our pupils and staff alike.


To achieve more than you thought was possible.

  • Subverting norms
  • Beating records
  • Finding solutions
  • Challenging yourself


To take risks and reap the rewards.

  • Being innovative
  • Bold
  • Forging new paths
  • Learning from failure


To be curious about everything and learn through exploration.

  • Re-examining the past
  • Rigorously analysing data
  • Experimenting
  • Imagining the impossible


To overcome obstacles with an unwavering sense of purpose.

  • Committed
  • Focused
  • Resilient
  • Insistent


Remarkable in every way. You are anything but ordinary.

  • Talented
  • Individual
  • Multi-faceted
  • Already a leader


Because life is too short to dawdle. There are:

  • Places to be
  • Questions to ask
  • Things to try
  • Wrongs to right


To others and the world around us. Always:

  • Kind
  • Treating others with respect
  • Truthful
  • Working together
  • Leaving every place better than we found it