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Case Studies

Laidlaw Schools Trust are dedicated to being an 'Employer of Choice' in the Education Sector, and this means we are dedicated to the happiness, well-being and development of our staff.

Following staff feedback, we recently introduced a cash plan through HSF where staff can reclaim the costs of services such as dentist or optician appointments, as well as a 24-hour mental health support service, access to GP 24-hour appointments, and a store discount scheme through Perkbox. All LST staff members and their partners can take advantage of these offers.

LST also offer travel incentives, staff development opportunities and generous pension and annal leave. For our full list of staff vacancies, please see our 'Benefits' page here.

Unlocking LST Employee Benefits: A Case Study on our HSF Cash Plan

"I would definitely recommend the HSF cash plan. Other staff members have even enrolled their partners, enhancing their basic plan for free”. - Catherine Lee


At Laidlaw Schools Trust, we prioritise the well-being of our employees by offering comprehensive benefits packages, one of these is the investment in the HSF Cash Plan where all LST staff can enrol in the basic plan at no cost to themselves.

Alternatively, they can enhance their coverage by upgrading to an advanced package where they pay monthly. By upgrading, staff can unlock substantial savings like Catherine - who was refunded £400 by HSF for her £400.80 dental treatment - yes, you read that right!

Catherine, a member of our Finance Team, shared her experience with the HSF cash plan for her dental care needs:

Catherine decided to increase her coverage to help pay for the cosmetic dentist treatment she had planned. The monthly amount for her plan is deducted via Payroll so she doesn’t have to manage payments herself. Her experience with the HSF was seamless - from booking appointments to reimbursement, the process was easy to understand and navigate.

Catherine recommended the plan to her colleagues and friends, citing its affordability and convenience. She told us that other staff members have even enrolled their partners, enhancing their basic plan for free!

The HSF cash plan has proven to be a valuable addition to our staff benefits package. As we continue to prioritise employee well-being, we will explore further opportunities to enhance our benefits offerings and ensure that all members of our teams have access to the support they need.

If you're interested in working with us, check out our current vacancies here.