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Beyond the Classroom

Building Cultural Capital

Laidlaw Schools Trust are introducing a way to actively measure Cultural Capital in the same way we measure English, Maths and Science. Many of our communities are from socio-economically deprived areas and it is imperitive that they are offered the same opportunties to develop outside of academic success as any other child so they are ready for whatever life offers when they leave their LST education.

As part of Laidlaw X, funded by the Laidlaw Foundation, every LST pupil will get to experience the following cultural experiences above and beyond what other schools without this resource can offer.

Arts. Whether it's a trip to the local theatre or an excursion to a Broadway show in London, all LST pupils will experience more than the average school trip to theatre, visual arts, music and dance.

Museums. Due to our additional Laidlaw Foundation funding, we don't just take the pupils to museum visits, we give the parents the option to join too. To many of our parents, these will be first-time visits too and means they can continue learning once home.

Outdoors. All LST pupils will get the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities, both close to home and beyond.

Sports. To inspire future sporting stars, we offer every pupil the change to experience professional sporting events, and practice their own skills in amazing North East facilities.

City Visits. City visits are vital so that all of our pupils experience other ways of life, and participate in activities that help them improve their understanding of local, national and global communities. This not only promotes the fundamental British Values of mutual respect and tolerance, but also provides opportunities for students to engage with the members of different communities, learning from and contributing to them.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

At Excelsior Academy, we currently offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme designed by the late Prince Phillip to help young people develop vital skills for life and work.

The Award has three different levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. To complete each award, students create a personal programme of activities: helping others, improving their fitness, gaining skills, and exploring the countryside. We have run rock climbing courses, taught navigation skills, completed voluntary work for Newcastle Park Ranger Services., and taken expedition groups into North Northumberland and the Lake District. 

Through this programme, our students have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence.  They gain essential skills and attributes for work and life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive, enhancing CVs and university and job applications.