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Beyond the Classroom

We believe that a truly inspirational education must develop the whole child.

As well as attaining the highest academic standards, it matters that our pupils are physically healthy, mentally robust, ethically resilient, digitally savvy and have the skills and attributes that “future proof” them for a changing world.

Building ‘Cultural Capital’

At Laidlaw Schools Trust, we help pupils to build ‘cultural capital’ in addition to their standard academic curriculum, preparing them to be active, responsible, and successful global citizens.

Residential trips. All pupils have the chance to experience at least one residential trip during their time at the school.

Cultural enrichment. We encourage pupils to engage with and appreciate the arts through activities relating to the theatre, visual arts, music, and dance. Children attend school performances, visit outside venues such as theatres and cinemas, and become actively involved by producing and performing themselves.

Representing the school. Pupils have regular opportunities to represent the school in competitive and non-competitive activities. We support all of our young people in developing healthy lifestyles and provide multiple opportunities to join sporting teams or events. Additionally, pupils can represent the school in, for example, debating or the arts.

Raising aspirations. We strive to set a high bar for our pupils and put in place the support mechanisms needed to reach it. Our staff work closely with higher education institutions and local employers to create a coherent ‘career journey’ for every pupil.

Local, national, global. All of our pupils participate in activities that help them improve their understanding of local, national and global communities. This not only promotes the fundamental British Values of mutual respect and tolerance, but also provides opportunities for students to engage with the members of different communities, learning from and contributing to them.

The LST Challenge for Secondary Pupils

The ‘LST Challenge’ is one of the ways that we make sure all pupils benefit fully from the wide variety of activities on offer. 

There are six elements to the ‘LST Challenge’. By meeting each one, our pupils are able to build the cultural capital that they need to thrive in school and for the rest of their lives.

Attend extra-curricular enrichment programmes and activities that go beyond the core curriculum.

Represent the school in sporting, academic, community and/or cultural events.

Experience activities that promote cultural growth within school and outside of the school setting.

Take part in activities that will develop core skills in presenting and collaboration with others.

Engage with activities that will raise aspiration and allow you to understand the education and career opportunities available to you.

Access activities that will allow students to appreciate and contribute positively to our local, national and global communities.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

At Excelsior Academy, we currently offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme designed by the late Prince Phillip to help young people develop vital skills for life and work.

The Award has three different levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. To complete each award, students create a personal programme of activities: helping others, improving their fitness, gaining skills, and exploring the countryside. We have run rock climbing courses, taught navigation skills, completed voluntary work for Newcastle Park Ranger Services., and taken expedition groups into North Northumberland and the Lake District. 

Through this programme, our students have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence.  They gain essential skills and attributes for work and life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive, enhancing CVs and university and job applications.